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Shampoo to combat greasy hair – your personalized formula by Yours Truly

What if your new shampoo for greasy hair contained ingredients capable of helping your hair and scalp without the use of any controversial ingredients such as parabens, silicones or plasticizers, but instead packed with natural ingredients all while remaining vegan and animal-friendly?

At Yours Truly, we transform your hair care dreams into reality! We blend your personal shampoo to combat grease based on a formula developed especially for you taking into account all of the individual needs of your hair and scalp – e.g. your hair's structure, whether you dye your hair and whether you suffer from any other issues such as dandruff, hair loss or split ends. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Carry on reading to learn more!

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Ever wondered why conventional shampoos fail to prevent greasy hair

Finding the right shampoo for a scalp or hair that gets greasy fast is no easy task. Pharmacy shelves are full of countless shampoos that supposedly work wonders to combat greasy hair, roots and brittle ends, but rarely do they actually deliver what they promise. This is hardly a surprise when you take a closer look at the long list of ingredients: Undesirable additives can place an already out-of-balance scalp under extra strain and make your roots greasy even faster.

At Yours Truly, we want to help you achieve your hair goals with products that are as kind to your hair and scalp as they are to nature. That's why we don’t just offer any old shampoo for greasy hair, but a hair care product that contains a formula specially tailored to you. All you need to do is take our quick online questionnaire and select from one of our four fragrances or the no added fragrance option. Once you've done your part, our algorithm will determine which ingredients your care formula needs to contain to restore the balance for your hair and scalp as quickly as possible. After you’ve placed your order, we get to work mixing your personal shampoo to combat greasy hair at our laboratory in Germany, where it is carefully packaged and delivered to your door. Personalized hair care in a few easy steps with Yours Truly!

Which shampoos can help combat greasy hair?

A mild shampoo offers the best treatment for greasy scalp and hair, because you need to take care to not further irritate your imbalanced scalp. At Yours Truly, we're committed to clean beauty and don’t use any ingredients that could harm you or the environment. What’s more, our products achieve professional salon-quality results almost exclusively using premium, natural ingredients that are also vegan and animal-friendly.

Which botanical extracts make a shampoo particularly effective when it comes to fixing hair that gets greasy fast? Carry on reading to learn more about some of the powerful ingredients we use in our shampoo for greasy scalps and hair:

White nettle

In shampoos for greasy scalps, nettle extract helps to fortify the hair's roots from within. Extracts from nettle seeds and roots contain a number of key nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron and B vitamins.

Ziziphus juaziero tree bark extract

A dry scalp can often trigger increased sebum production. To counter this, ziziphus juaziero bark extract has an anti-itching and nourishing effect. It has been proven to help reduce sebum production and protect the skin’s natural barrier.


Menthol is known for its detox effect on skin and hair. When added to shampoos for greasy hair, it also provides a refreshing cooling effect and lends the hair its characteristic fresh scent.


Urea is a substance that is naturally involved in various metabolic processes that occur in the body. Scalps that are susceptible to excessive sebum production due to dryness stand to benefit from its moisture-regulating properties.

Follow these expert tips to bid farewell to greasy hair

There are a number of reasons why you may experience greasy hair – and they aren’t always directly related to your hair care regime. These tips can help your scalp gradually regain its natural balance.

>Regularly wash your hair with a specialist shampoo designed for greasy hair to reliably put an end to excess sebum production in your scalp. If your increased sebum production can be attributed to a dry scalp, your personalized shampoo also needs to contain nourishing and hydrating additives such as aloe vera or urea.

Excessive heat from blow-drying or styling with straighteners or curling irons, heavy physical exertion or spending too much time in heated rooms can wreak havoc on sensitive scalps and lead to long-term dryness. These factors can also trigger sebum production – causing hair to become greasy faster. Where possible, we recommend drying your hair naturally or blow-drying at a low temperature.

Stress, hormonal fluctuations and an unbalanced, high-sugar diet can also be the culprits behind greasy scalps and hair. Make sure you get enough rest and a varied diet with alkaline foods and sufficient fluid intake to do your skin and hair a favor.

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